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14 Cents to a Multiple Six Figure Income and So Can You!
Welcome to my Fully Automated Global Marketing Website System (known as the Viral Prospector System), which I use to leverage the power of the Internet to achieve financial FREEDOM. My goal is to help you achieve financial FREEDOM as well.

Review the rest of this page, and if you like what you see, we can show you how easy it is to take just 3 Steps to make a LOT more money from home leveraging the power of the Internet.

Step 1: Review my Viral Prospector System (Automated Marketing Website with Training)
Step 2: Review My Home Based Business Opportunity
Step 3: Say "YES, I want to have a far more satisfying and financially rewarding lifestyle" and get your own Viral Prospector System and join My Home Based Business Opportunity

Have You Ever Wondered?
•    Why are others living their ideal lifestyle, but you are not?
•    How you can earn a lot more money in a fulfilling career so you can enjoy more free time?
•    How you can cut through all the hype and start achieving financial freedom?
Doesn't it Make Sense?
If so many people have the time and money to do what they want, doesn't it make sense that you can too? Of course it does! Success leaves clues!

So, what are wealthy people doing so they have the FREEDOM to do what they want? It's easier than you might think ... they have a PROVEN SYSTEM and a VEHICLE that can literally guarantee their financial success!

The Viral Prospector System is the Proven System we use, and My Home Based Business is the Vehicle we use to accumulate wealth.
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My Home Based Business
Mark Oleson
Hi this is Mark Oleson, I just want to say a few words about Priceless Possibilities.


It is the greatest website ... I have had so many different websites that don't even compare to the back office option available to you ... as far as marketing, ad campaign - you name it. It's got everything in the back office that you need and more.

Thank you.
Mark Oleson
 Why Systems Are Critical To Your Success

Have you ever wondered why McDonald's, one of the most successful businesses ever created, can easily be operated and managed by TEENAGERS? They have Million Dollar SYSTEMS so they don't need Million Dollar employees!

Systems Can Be Duplicated, but People Can NOT! Without Duplication, you will never achieve Financial and Time Freedom. Systems are the Key to Duplication!

So what makes a Million Dollar System? You must have a System that is Easy to Duplicate, based on a Proven Recipe!

What Makes a Recipe so Simple That Anyone Can Duplicate It?

If you had a Proven Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies and you had all of the Ingredients and you followed the recipe by knowing:

What to do …
When to do it … and
How to do it …

Could you easily make Chocolate Chip Cookies? Of course you could. But what if you didn't have a RECIPE?

What if you looked at the list of 10 ingredients, realized you didn't have some ingredients and you have never made Chocolate Chip Cookie before … would you even try to make cookies?

Probably not! And even if you tried, would you be able to guarantee success?

What if instead, you ordered some pre-made cookie dough that was pre-sliced, and it was even delivered right to your door ... and it had simple instructions that said something like:

A) Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
B) Open package and put cookie dough on a cookie tray 1 inch apart
C) Put tray in the oven for 10 minutes

Could you make Chocolate Chip Cookies following that recipe? Of course you can … why … because it is a Simple Proven System (Recipe) with ALL of the Ingredients!

Mark Oleson
  My name is Michelle Breuer and I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 4 years now. The biggest challenge in any company I’ve been with is generating good quality leads and team duplication. No more! The Viral Prospector has solved the two major problems. Not only does it position you as a home business expert through the unlimited pre-written content rich autoresponders but it also generates FREE Quality leads for the members using the system. Not only that but it is so affordable it’s almost ridiculous. We’ve been paying close to $20 per month for our auto responder system through Aweber for years and that is all it is, an autoresponder system where, BTW we have to write all of our own emails. Well for $10 more a month, VP provides us all of the flexibility and capabilities of Aweber but has so many other features, like the ability to send video and audio postcards, a live chat feature so you know when a prospect is visiting your site, live training calls on marketing plus a constantly growing library of marketing training, banners, text links, emails, website templates, the list goes on and on and on.
Michelle Breuer
3 Necessary Ingredients For a Proven System
You will be much more successful when you use the 3 Necessary Ingredients for a Proven System.

1) You Need Prospects - The more Prospects you have, the more money you make! But what if you don't know how to tap into the endless stream of prospects?

2) You need prospects to do business with you - The more effective you are at motivating prospects to join your opportunity, the more money you make! But, have you ever thought, "I'm not a salesperson?"

3) You need your team to Duplicate #1 and #2 - the more Effectively you TRAIN your team to duplicate your efforts, the more successful they will be and the more money you make! But what if you aren't a great trainer or don't have the time to train your team effectively?
Why the Lack of a Proven System Creates Failure
Every successful business needs a steady stream of prospects. So, why don't most people have enough prospects when the average person knows hundreds of people?

First, they share a new business opportunity with their friends and associates, but they are ineffective when they don't have a Proven System to present the opportunity for them.

Often, many well-meaning friends may put down their efforts. The rejection from friends doesn't feel good, so what do most people do? They stop prospecting or begin using ineffective methods of prospecting. Most, simply quit the business before they've given themselves a chance to succeed. Sound familiar?
How the Viral Prospector System Provides the 3 Necessary Ingredients
First, the Viral Prospector System has an Automated process to Generate Quality FREE LEADS for you. As well, it has many effective ways to drive a lot of prospects to your website and motivate them to enter their contact information so you only spend time with people (like you) who are seriously interested in making money from home.

Second, the Viral Prospector System Automatically sends unlimited follow up messages to your prospects educating them about how to successfully build a home based business. This makes you look like an expert at building a home based business, and increases the likelihood that prospects will do business with you.

Third, the Viral Prospector System provides you amazing training from Top Internet Marketers, who make millions of dollars a year online. As well, it provides you training from Top Network Marketers making $20,000 a month or more!

And the best part, is that all of this is easily available for you. When you learn how to Leverage the Power of the Internet, you can have REJECTION FREE marketing so you will have:

#1 - A Lot More Prospects
#2 - Prospects Much More Motivated to do business with you, and
#3 - The Necessary Training to be successful.
Mark Oleson
  Hi my name is Anita from Peoria,Il and I am so excited about the Viral Prospector system because it is on of the easiest systems that I have ever set up. The system allows me more free time to concentrate on other key aspects of my business and personal life now that I don't have to spend half of my day trying to not only generate but also follow-up on my leads.

It notifies me by email when I have had a visitor on my site which allows me to follow-up immediately while the information is fresh in their minds.

This step by step process is not only a time saver but it's also effective for any internet niche. Until joining this program I had only watched YouTube videos. Now, tanks to the Viral Prospector system, I have my first, but not last, video on YouTube.

But you are probable not interested in what it's done for me as much as you are intered in what it can do for you.

I am so glad I took advantage of the free trial and I believe you will be too.

So I'll let you go and check it out for yourself. Have a great day....
Anita Burnett
Systems Can Be Duplicated--People Can't!

The Fortune Is In the Follow Up!

Experts have proven that Sales increase on average at least 53% between the 2nd and 6th follow up! If you are not following up with potential customers at least 6 times, you might as well BURN YOUR MONEY!

But just as important as sending multiple follow up messages, is the QUALITY of the Content, because if you don't send your prospects what THEY want, then they won't read it.

So what if you were to follow up not just 6 times, but Indefinitely with Quality Content Your Prospects WANT to receive? Doesn't it make sense that you would have Much Better Results? Of course it does.

Our system AUTOMATICALLY follows up with your prospects for you INDEFINITELY and sends them Quality Content so they see you an an Expert at building a Home Based Business.

Imagine having a system working for you 24/7, regardless of whether you are spending time with loved ones, sharing this opportunity with others, or even if you are sleeping!

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My Home Based Business
Teddy Dye
Hi this is Teddy Dye of Swords Creek, Virginia. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how much I love my Priceless Possibilities websites. The back office is remarkable. Some of the amazing features include getting started video training, auto responders, ad tracking, and the ability to chat Live with prospects at the time they are looking at your website.

With the ad tracking tools it's easy to see which advertisements are bring in the best leads. Another great feature is the ability to set up multiple websites to help target different audiences for the same incredibly low price. In the past I have paid more than double for only one website without all these great features. Priceless Possibilities websites makes it easy to attract new customers. Give them a try, you will be glad you did.
Teddy Dye
How Simple Is It?
All you need to do is invite prospects to your web site, and remember; the Viral Prospector System can Automate a LOT of the prospecting for you.
When prospects are motivated to enter their contact information (just like you did) and then realize that they can easily get their own Viral Prospector System to help them get prospects to view their site (just like this one), they will think "I can do that" and will be much more likely to join your business!

The key to success in this business is having a Proven System that creates RESULTS that is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Our Viral Prospector System is that Proven System that can create Results for you!
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My Home Based Business
Jim Burke
Well it's like this Folks! Each and every day when I check my email (which is quite often throughout the day) it's sort o' like my Birthday! All I can say is if YOU are SERIOUS about a rock-solid home business, you really have for whatever reason, landed on the right website! 2008's going to be an excellent year thanks to the VERY fine Folks @ Priceless Possibilities.

Without the extreme power of REAL organization and seemless access to a host of AMAZING marketing tools, there's NO way in the world I'd be able to accomplish even a fraction of that which now gets done VERY easily. Thank You. You really are PRICELESS! JB Orlando
Jim Burke
The Home Based Business Industry
What Do These People Have In Common?
These people are earning PASSIVE INCOME ... regardless of whether they are spending time with their loved ones, on vacation, or working anywhere in the world! Imagine doing the things you've always wanted to do when you previously didn't have the time or money. Now you can!
Imagine learning about an industry before others see it emerge, and then getting involved just as it's about to hit its strongest growth phase!
As we entered the 21st century, the business landscape changed. People have become busier and TIME has become a PRECIOUS commodity. As well, companies have been continually restructuring with many people unexpectedly getting fired!

The biggest and wealthiest demographic group in the history of mankind, the "BABY BOOMERS", began to change the market place.

These baby boomers are now purchasing online in record numbers. These same baby boomers are looking for ways to protect their jobs and make sure they can retire comfortably. As well, they want MORE TIME NOW!
Due to technology, opportunities exist today to own your own business from home. The Home Based Business Industry has been growing in record numbers and allows the ordinary person to make extraordinary income.

"It's anticipated that by the year 2013, 50% of all households
in the U.S. will be involved in a home-based business"

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My Home Based Business
Why Financially Free People Consider This the Perfect Business Model
According to a recent study in Forbes Magazine, the 400 richest people in America all owned their own businesses. Why? Owning your own business lets you LEVERAGE your time by having others help you build your success.

J. Paul Getty once said "I'd rather have 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own effort." Wouldn't it be nice to make money from the efforts of others if you had a Fully Automated Global Marketing Website System to do most of the work for you?

When you work for someone else, you just trade your time for dollars. There are only so many hours in a day, and it's very unlikely that you will ever achieve financial Freedom. In most cases, when you are ill or out on personal business, you don't get paid!

Therefore, you MUST leverage your time by making money from the efforts of other people. The great thing in our business is that others are compensated when you succeed so you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

With the Viral Prospector System Leveraging the Power of the Internet, and My Home Based Business, you can immediately start LEVERAGING your time to achieve financial Freedom from the comfort of your home. Isn't it time you started to really enjoy more free time?
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My Home Based Business
As a network marketer and trainer for many different online network marketing systems I am truly impressed with the thought and tools that have been put into the Viral Prospector system to make it THE Most comprehensive and complete network marketing training system in the industry. The results I have seen from tapping into the step by step video marketing tutorials have been nothing short of effective and amazing. What truly sets this system apart from all the rest is its ability to generate an endless supply of quality leads for free. And with three referrals my Viral Prospector system is free. Every Network Marketer from EVERY company can now tap into a system that will allow them to LEARN very effective and low to no cost marketing strategies and give their teams and downlines a system of duplication to create a solid foundation for long term sustainable businesses which of course means higher profits for all.
Mona McClelland
Why Passive Income?
Passive Income is when you earn money regardless of whether you are working or not! Many people make a lot of money, but don't have TIME FREEDOM.

Imagine  how you'll feel when the Viral Prospector System recommends our products and services to the Johnson family ... products and services that significantly improve the quality of their life.

Imagine how you'll feel when the Johnson family buys our products and services, and are so happy that they join our company, and use the Viral Prospector System to introduce others to our products and services.
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My Home Based Business
Marcos Feliz
Hi, this is Jay from California. I’ve been involved with several marketing solutions in my seven year association with network marketing and direct sales. Well, I am here to tell you… I have just experienced a wondrous marketing system created by an amazing man named Michael Price of Priceless Possibilities and his team of programmers… a marketing system created exclusively for internet marketers called the Viral Prospector System. So why am I so excited? Well, there are many, many reasons for my excitement, but right now I’m going to focus on two: The Person… and the Machine Let’s do the machine first, the customized Viral Prospector marketing system. Do you get the name?... Viral… as in searching and seeking out QUALIFIED prospects… and delivering these quality prospects to YOU, the member, for FREE… there’s that “free” word again.
Jay Jolly
Online Training! 
Doesn't it make sense that when you know how top income earners built their businesses, that you too can be successful? When you join our opportunity, you can access many outstanding trainers and leaders online 24-hours a day ...why not learn from the best?

Access is provided from our Members Only Training Area where you also learn from Top Internet Marketers who make millions of dollars online each year.

For example, we can teach you how to get someone to write a Quality Article for you (usually for around $50); then we'll teach you how to submit that Article to hundreds of FREE Article Submission Sites so you get FREE exposure to your website.

Then we'll teach you how to turn your article into a Press Release and submit it to FREE Press Release Services. Then we'll show you how to easily convert your article in a Video (without the need for any video camera) and submit it to FREE Video Submission Sites ... again getting you FREE exposure!

We then can show you how to remove the audio from your video and turn it into a PodCast and submit it to FREE PodCasting Submission Sites ... again for MORE FREE EXPOSURE!

Imagine learning just 1 tip/strategy (you'll learn a lot more) that helps you attract just 1 Quality Person to your business each month (you can do much better). When your people start to duplicate your efforts, you will see a rapid growth in your income!
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My Home Based Business

Hi. This is Lana Guber from San Diego CA and I really love my Priceless Possibilities website system because it allows me to easily change the look and content of my website whenever I choose to. I can know who visited my website and I am able to send them email campaigns which I can customize and edit to fit my needs. You can even send audio and video postcards!

It has made customer follow up much simpler for me and saves me time and effort as well as keeping all my prospects' information right at my fingertips. The cost is very reasonable, especially since I used to pay this much for an Autoresponder system alone... I would recommend using Priceless Possibilities for your company website needs without any hesitation. Thanks so much for giving us a complete "Business System in a Box" that anyone can use!
Lana Guber
You Really Can Do This Business!
Many of our customers enjoy our products so much that they are happy to tell others even if they didn't get paid for it.

Imagine how it will feel when you get paid every time someone you recommend our products and services to places an order.

Imagine what you would be doing with your time once you have the kind of income you really want. You can do this business with our Viral Prospector System that provides tremendous training.

If you like what you've seen so far, doesn't it make sense that others would too? Imagine having your own website like this to promote and build your business for you 24-hours a day!
I'm Impressed ... How Do I Get Started?
Contact me at the following if you have any questions about how to make money from home so you can start enjoying life:

This Site Presented By

Priceless Possibilities
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Once you join our company (or even before), you can get your own personal web site (the Viral Prospector System) just like this one to see how simple it is to share our opportunity with others.

All you need to do is just 2 simple things:

1) Get your own Viral Prospector System (it's FREE for 30 days and I'll show you how easy it is to keep it FREE every month).  
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2) Join my Home Based Business  
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My Home Based Business
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